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Friend of standing work
​ assist hexagon

An insole that can be used with any kind of shoes and makes you feel better


HapistaBest Smile Award Winner

Assist Hexagon was introduced on the information variety program "Tokyo Megami Collection Girls Happy Style".

assist hexagon
read as ​

"Assisthexagon" has been researched for more than 7 years, and is expected to solve problems such as foot pain, foot fatigue, hallux valgus, bow legs, and cross legs. , An insole that can be used with any shoe. Can also be used with high heels and kids shoes.

​ If you work standing up, please take a look.

Assisthexagon(アシストヘキサゴン)の秘密は ​ヘキサゴンチップです。

The secret of Assist Hexagon
​ is a hexagon chip.

An orange "hexagonal tip" installed on the back of the heel. Hexagons, which are the stable shapes in the natural world, such as human cells, snow crystals, and beehives, have been deduced from the perspective of ergonomics, oriental medicine, and western medicine for more than seven years, and are exquisite. It is attached to the angle and position.

(Utility model patent pending, manufacturing process patent pending)

Human balance sensor
​ Focusing on “mechanoreceptors”

This hexagonal chip gently stimulates the balance adjustment nerve pathways "mechanoreceptors" that reach the legs, hips, spinal cord, and brain, and adjusts the leg muscles for correct use. This guides the body into its ideal balance style and reduces leg fatigue while standing.

Assisthexagon(アシストヘキサゴン)は、人間が本来持つバランスセンサー ​「メカノレセプター」に着目

You can use it anytime without hesitation,
A product that can be used continuously.

Of course, insoles using new materials and technologies have a positive effect on the feet and body, but many of these insoles are expensive and many people hesitate to use them in their daily work.
We thoroughly researched how to use the quality insoles sold at osteopathic clinics and insole stores without worrying about how people who are tired from standing work every day can use them without hesitation.

And the developed insole, it is Assisthexagon. Assist Hexagon is an insole brand that can be used every day because it was researched and developed by a company specializing in insoles.

Tired legs today
​To lose motivation tomorrow...


The numbness, fatigue, and pain in your legs when you suddenly feel relaxed after work for the day. If they are still there the next day, that alone makes me feel depressed.

If you get an injection at the hospital or get treatment at an osteopathic clinic or an acupuncture clinic, the fatigue and pain will go away, but when you go to work, the same thing will repeat itself.
Don't you spend your whole day without improving even on your days off? Eventually, the fatigue and pain in the legs will accumulate, and the whole body will become tired, and the pain in the lower back, neck, and shoulders will appear.

Without worrying about foot fatigue and pain,
I want to enjoy my work.

I am in charge of IT courses and stand in front of students as a lecturer. I've been using various insoles, health equipment and supplements in order to manage my leg fatigue due to standing work, but they didn't suit me and I thought about cost performance, so I've been using them for a long time. did not do it.

When I used Assist Hexagon, I was surprised on the first day of use.

There were times when I had to stand for about seven hours.

However, even after I installed the Assist Hexagon and finished the one-day course, I didn't feel any numbness on the soles of my feet, and of course the fatigue in my feet was also alleviated.

Every time I stand in front of students using these insoles and see their smiles, I feel happy physically and mentally.

People who work standing up, those who have similar problems and have used various insoles but have not felt comfortable with them, and those who have never used insoles can enjoy their work with Assist Hexagon. I hope so.

IR Group Representative Nobutoshi Torii


Are you troubled by these symptoms?

Tired legs after standing work, numbness in legs, sore legs after work, swollen legs after returning home, hot insoles do not improve coldness, pain from bunions, bow legs I'm curious, the soles of the X-legs are wearing down in a strange way...

Such a change with Assist Hexagon

You can use the muscles of your legs firmly and become less tired. Improves blood circulation in the legs and prevents numbness. By adjusting the balance of the whole body, the feet are less likely to hurt. It improves the flow of blood and lymph in the legs and reduces swelling. It works on leg muscles and blood flow to improve sensitivity to cold. Hallux valgus is relieved. Firmly adjust the 3-point balance of the foot and improve the O leg and X leg...

Assist Hexagon
​I actually used it.

Sales support position Female patient (Feliz Acupuncture Osteopathic Clinicat)

A patient who suffers from chronic shoulder pain and leg fatigue from daily work.

One of the causes of the symptoms is believed to be an imbalance in the body, so we asked her to try Assist Hexagon. At the time of the inspection, the balance was stable immediately.

Before installing Assist Hexagon

After installing Assist Hexagon

I'm sorry.

everyone who used
I don't feel the effect.


Assist Hexagon has been developed specifically for patients who suffer from foot fatigue and pain. Some people may not be able to feel the effect depending on the health condition of their feet.

It is not intended to improve all foot symptoms. For this reason, this patient may have an effect of 100 points, and another patient may have an effect of 100 points or more, or 120 points, but there are cases where the effect is not felt and the score is 60 points or less. Thank you.

Also, regarding the installation method of Assist Hexagon, we designed the shape of the insole so that people who work standing up can install it on any kind of shoes without separating work and private life.

At the trial session before the start of sales,
​ Those who tried it immediately purchased one after another!


We had 100 people experience it at a trial session before sales.

At the trial session, we were only planning to have people experience the Assist Hexagon and hear their impressions, but on the spot they said, "I want this!", "Can I buy it now?", "I want my parents to use it." I received a lot of warm words for.

Before installing Assist Hexagon


After installing Assist Hexagon


Before installing Assist Hexagon


After installing Assist Hexagon


Before installing Assist Hexagon


After installing Assist Hexagon


I would like many people to experience Assist Hexagon, the insole that everyone has been so eager for! With that in mind, I decided to use crowdfunding to hold the Assist Hexagon experience event held in various places in Osaka Prefecture nationwide.

Crowdfunding challenge

In a market where various insoles are sold, I wanted to see how well Assist Hexagon would be received by people with foot problems, so I took on the challenge of crowdfunding.


* Quoted from the campfire site “What is Crowdfunding?”

Crowdfunding target amount achieved!


Thanks to everyone's support, the target achievement rate was 116%, and the target was successfully achieved.

>Go to Campfire Project Page

After taking on the challenge of crowdfunding, I am confident that I will be able to provide everyone with Assist Hexagon, which many people have been waiting for.

Different from conventional insoles
​Simple design with no waste


I think that many insoles have a good image from their appearance and names, such as "antibacterial deodorant" function, "arch support", "shock mitigation gel", and "hard carbon material".

These functions, mechanisms, and materials are, of course, effective elements for foot health and symptom relief, but they are reflected in the price and become expensive insoles. Many people hesitate to use it in their daily work.

Originally, the body is equipped with a "natural healing power" that tries to regain the lost balance. Assist Hexagon has been developed with a focus on "bringing out the natural healing power of humans" by completely eliminating elements such as new materials and new technologies.

Features of Assist Hexagon



balance the body
Stimulates "mechanoreceptors"

"Mechanoreceptor"is a sensor that maintains the balance of the whole body that exists on the soles of the feet. It has been medically studied for over 20 years, and papers have been published.

By gently stimulating this mechanoreceptor, Assist Hexagon Adjust body balance To do. And by returning to how people originally use their bodies,Maintains a state that prevents fatigue even during standing workTo do.


when balancing the body
Use your leg muscles

Balance adjustment by "mechanoreceptor" first transmits the situation to the brain. andThe brain sends commands to each muscle to keep the whole body in balance.especiallyAdjusted to use the leg muscles firmlyTherefore, it is effective not only for tired feet, but also for improving various symptoms of feet such as bow legs, bow legs, and ankle curvature. In addition, bunions are said to be caused by the muscles of the soles of the feet, and Assist Hexagon is expected to improve them.


By utilizing leg muscles
Improved blood and lymph flow

"Foot is the second heart"is called The blood that is carried from the heart to the legs is circulated throughout the body by returning to the heart by the pumping action of the leg muscles.

 Assist hexagon makes good use of leg musclesByActivates leg muscle pumpsTo do. Since the flow of lymph nodes improves at the same time as the blood flow, it can be expected to be effective for swelling of the feet and sensitivity to cold.


Can also be used with high heels
simple insoles

Assist Hexagon stimulates "mechanoreceptors""Hexagon Chip"It is a simple shape centered on Normal insoles have the shape of the foot or shoe, but Assist Hexagonheel insole onlyis. Therefore, it can be installed on any shoe.
Shoes that you use at work, shoes that you always use in your private life, etc.
It can be easily installed on your favorite shoes.Of course, you can also use it with high heels.

Assist Hexagon
Quality-oriented ​ made in Japan.

Assist Hexagon is commercialized using advanced technology after detailed research and development. Therefore, if the shape of the insole or the position of the hexagon tip is misaligned, the insole will be completely ineffective.

Manufacturing requires the skills of craftsmen who know everything about insoles. Assist Hexagon is manufactured in a Japanese factory to prioritize product quality, without using cheap mass production mechanisms such as manufacturing in factories in China and Southeast Asia.

In addition, it is often expensive to maintain Japanese manufacturing quality, but we want you to be able to use it without hesitation about the price, so you can purchase it at the regular price of 3300 yen (tax included), or 980 yen per month for subscription. receive.

Voice of the customer who purchased
​ I will introduce some of them.

Pink Sugar


When I saw Assist Hexagon for the first time, I thought it was a new concept insole. In particular, the hexagonal tip, the hexagon tip, is orange and very conspicuous.Is this really effective? I thought.

When I put it on my heel, I felt that my back was slightly stretched, but even when the teacher applied a load downward (in the direction of gravity according to the teacher), it was firmly supported. In a normal state without insoles, I would lose my balance immediately!

I wondered and asked the teacher, and he said that the hexagon chip installed in the assist hexagon stimulates the heel and stabilizes the power of the muscles of the whole body (especially the legs) that maintain balance.

Also, when I walk, I can land on the ground firmly, and I can make it to the ideal state of kicking with my thumb and walking, so I think I will continue to use it.



Actually, I am going to an osteopathic clinic right now, and I bought an insole from the osteopathic clinic. It's very effective, but it's expensive! It's a little over 10,000 yen. I thought it was effective and I thought it would be useless, but after using this Assist Hexagon, I felt that the insoles I had used until now were a waste. Cospa is the strongest. And since it only has a heel, it goes well with any kind of shoes! This is nice! ! I purchased 2 Assist Hexagons on repeat for all the shoes I have at home. 3 points in total. Still, the price for one insole that I used to buy... it's too amazing! Please try it once. I will definitely say it. (laughs)


hospital work

I have previously purchased insoles through an introduction. I think it was a (famous brand) insole. It was a very nice insole. The price was reasonable. However, when I changed shoes, the shape did not fit. I still used it reluctantly. Then, the heel part turned up and I thought what to do, but I continued to use it. I was always embarrassed when I took my shoes off because they looked weird. But with this Assist Hexagon, it's only the heel part, and even if I score two points, it's not much, so I thought it was very good. What surprised me was that it can also be used with high heels. I purchased one item this time. Thank you very much, I will purchase again.

More by students,
​I want to offer a fun course!

Assist Hexagon handling
​The motivation was the teacher's thoughts.

The sale of Assist Hexagon began with the desire of Torii, the representative of the IR Group, to balance work and physical health. The IR Group operates a product sales business and an education business.

In the education business, I am in charge of in-house training instructors, part-time instructors at junior colleges, and instructors at chambers of commerce and major cram schools, and I am still standing in front of students as an instructor.

Have more fun classes!

In the past courses, I have made the students enjoy learning, but fatigue started to accumulate with age. Until now, a single day's sleep would heal my fatigue and pain, but...

In order to make the students enjoy learning with all their might, first of all, they must be in perfect physical condition at all times.

With this in mind, I have tried various methods.

Exploring ways to maintain therapeutic effects

I tried taking nutritional supplements and using tools to relieve fatigue and pain, but the same symptoms soon reappeared.

The fatigue and pain accumulated by standing work is meaningless unless the source is improved. For this reason, I began to receive osteopathic and acupuncture treatments at a treatment clinic that has a reputation for treatment techniques as a fundamental treatment.


After the treatment, my body felt so much better and I was more focused on the course, but after a week I started to feel the symptoms and started to accumulate fatigue.

Simple and simple design is the reason why it is effective

One day, an acquaintance of mine who is a therapist contacted me and said, "There is a product that is very effective. Would you like to try it?"

However, the shape is different from any insole I've seen so far, and the thickness is thin and fluent... Is it really so simple and effective? Assist Hexagon was the product that made me doubt it.


And I was surprised after using Assist Hexagon for a day.

Because I felt the effect. You mentioned this earlier.

I would like to recommend it with confidence.
We want you to experience this effect.

Torii, the representative of the IR Group, used Assist Hexagon ahead of all of you and experienced its effectiveness. I continue to use it even now.

By using the Assist Hexagon, I was able to prevent the fatigue in my legs and numbness in the soles of my feet that I had felt at the end of a class where I had to stand all the time.

The surprise and real feeling of this insole is getting more and more to everyone, and the number of users is increasing.


This Assist Hexagon insole is an "essential insole for standing work" that we can confidently recommend not only to the IR Group, but also to the doctors at Assist Hexagon certified treatment clinics.

We hope that more people who have problems with leg fatigue and pain will experience Assist Hexagon, making their daily work easier and more enjoyable, and allowing them to lead their own lives.

Five types of Assist Hexagon are available according to the user's age, gender, and purpose of shoes. (Low heels and high heels will be discontinued)


assist hexagon


for women shoesAssist hexagon insole.

List price: 3,300 yen (tax included)


assist hexagon


for men's shoesAssist hexagon insole.

List price: 3,300 yen (tax included)


assist hexagon

for kids

for children's shoesAssist hexagon insole.

List price: 3,300 yen (tax included)


I wonder if it really works...
And you who are hesitating to buy!
​ First of all, please experience it at the trial session.

First of all, I want you to realize the effect of Assist Hexagon.

With that in mind, we hold trial sessions every month.

​If you experience Assist Hexagon, we will also give you a coupon for a 300 yen discount.

​Information about the trial session is announced on LINE.


Information on the Assist Hexagon trial session,

Useful information about ​ insoles!

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