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Assist Hexagon
(Assist Hexagon)
​ Introducing the voices of users

Assisthexagon (Assist Hexagon​) We received a lot of feedback from people who purchased Assist Hexagon at the trial session and used it. We will publish some of them. (Some comments have been edited for readability.)

Pink Sugar


When I saw Assist Hexagon for the first time, I thought it was a new concept insole. In particular, the hexagonal tip, the hexagon tip, is orange and very conspicuous.Is this really effective? I thought.

When I put it on my heel, I felt that my back was slightly stretched, but even when the teacher applied a load downward (in the direction of gravity according to the teacher), it was firmly supported. In a normal state without insoles, I would lose my balance immediately!

I wondered and asked the teacher, and he said that the hexagon chip installed in the assist hexagon stimulates the heel and stabilizes the power of the muscles of the whole body (especially the legs) that maintain balance.

Also, when I walk, I can land on the ground firmly, and I can make it to the ideal state of kicking with my thumb and walking, so I think I will continue to use it.



Actually, I am going to an osteopathic clinic right now, and I bought an insole from the osteopathic clinic. It's very effective, but it's expensive! It's a little over 10,000 yen. I thought it was effective and I thought it would be useless, but after using this Assist Hexagon, I felt that the insoles I had used until now were a waste. Cospa is the strongest. And since it only has a heel, it goes well with any kind of shoes! This is nice! ! I purchased 2 Assist Hexagons on repeat for all the shoes I have at home. 3 points in total. Still, the price for one insole that I used to buy... it's too amazing! Please try it once. I will definitely say it. (laughs)


hospital work

I have previously purchased insoles through an introduction. I think it was a (famous brand) insole. It was a very nice insole. The price was reasonable. However, when I changed shoes, the shape did not fit. I still used it reluctantly. Then, the heel part turned up and I thought what to do, but I continued to use it. I was always embarrassed when I took my shoes off because they looked weird. But with this Assist Hexagon, it's only the heel part, and even if I score two points, it's not much, so I thought it was very good. What surprised me was that it can also be used with high heels. I purchased one item this time. Thank you very much, I will purchase again.

Pink Sugar

seminar lecturer

I was surprised to try it on! Assist Hexagon's hexagonal tip acts on the mechanoreceptor in the heel to stabilize it. You can walk by landing on your heel and kicking off with your thumb. It supports the ideal way of walking. And good things. It's a great insole! This Assist Hexagon is an insole that doesn't feel stiff or stiff. I would like to use this Assist Hexagon to move to a distant lecture location. It is an insole that makes you want to start walking!


Pharmaceutical company sales

Although we usually walk casually, the correct way of walking is said to have the effect of adjusting our posture, so it is said to have a positive effect on relieving stiff shoulders and neck stiffness. It is also important to learn the correct way to walk consciously rather than walking casually. By recognizing this way, you will be able to expect good effects on maintaining your health. Assist Hexagon, an insole with a built-in hexagonal chip in the heel of the shoe. It was a different effect when I put this insole and when I didn't use it. I bought one first. I will immediately put it in the leather shoes I always use and try to see if I can correct my body with the correct way of walking!


apparel clerk

I have used many insoles. The difference between Assist Hexagon and other insoles is that they are very small and thin and can be used in a wide range of applications such as sandals, mules and boots. Easy to install. In addition, it has been treated to be antibacterial and deodorant, so it is safe from a hygienic point of view.

Even if you often take off your shoes for business work like me, it feels good without slipping out. This time, I bought the second pair. This insole allows you to walk with good posture and stretch your spine so that you can feel it yourself.

It seems that the balance will be improved, and you can expect beautiful legs and beautiful buttocks! Recommended for those who are worried about the style of their legs, bow legs and posture.

To purchase Assist Hexagon, please purchase at a certified treatment clinic with professionals in foot maintenance and treatment, or at manual DVD dot com.

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