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What is Assisthexagon?

歩き出したくなるインソール それが、Assisthexagon (アシストヘキサゴン)

I feel tired every day and want to start walking
That's the Assisthexagon insole
(assist hexagon insole)

Have you ever seen the soles and heels of the shoes you are wearing now? Even those who regularly maintain their shoes may not look closely at the soles of their shoes. It is natural for the heel and toe part of the shoe to wear off, but there are some people who wear the outer part of the sole more severely. Such people may have "bow legs", "cross legs", or "crotch walking" because the center of gravity of the body is on the outside.

Assisthexagon (アシストヘキサゴン)をつけていないと足がつらい…

Also, there are some people who wear out quickly on one side of the sole. In that case, the left and right balance is often biased to one side, and various inconveniences may occur to the body. As people live for many years, their body balance gradually develops habits due to their lifestyle and habits. If you leave it as "it can't be helped...", the burden will be applied to parts that should not be used.

There are many insoles other than Assist Hexagon!

However, in recent years, there are various ways to relieve the burden on the feet and alleviate symptoms such as "bow legs", "cross legs", "hallux valgus", "foot pain", and "feet fatigue". Insoles are sold.

Based on ergonomics, high-performance insoles with shock absorption and support functions during sports such as walking and running. An insole that is often sold at treatment clinics (osteopathic clinics and acupuncture clinics) and incorporates a theory called 3-point balance to balance the balance of the body.

Assisthexagon (アシストヘキサゴン)以外にもたくさんのインソールが!

In particular, insoles that support the arch of the foot and normalize the original function of the foot, which have been sold in large numbers over the past few years, are increasing in number and variety.

However, most insoles reduce the burden on the feet by changing the height difference of the shoe or by softening the impact. These insoles reduce the burden on your feet and make them more comfortable when worn, but they weaken the original function of the foot, the "balance sensor function of the sole" and the "pressure and shock dispersion function during walking". It leads to

Assist hexagon unlike other insoles

Assisthexagon is unlike any other insole. When you see the Assist Hexagon, you will be surprised at its size and shape, thinking, "What? Is this an insole??" You will also be surprised by the features and expected effects of Assist Hexagon. In addition, adults and children alike will be amazed at how easy it can be installed on any shoe, from casual shoes to high heels, low heels, men's leather shoes, and children's shoes.



With the patented "Hexagon Chip"
​ Supports full body balance and leg muscles

The first feature of "Assisthexagon" is the orange "hexagon chip" that is incorporated only in this assist hexagon insole. The orange hexagon chip is the result of many trials and errors from the perspectives of ergonomics, oriental medicine, and western medicine.

The hexagon tip gently stimulates the "mechanoreceptor" nerve pathways for balance adjustment leading to the legs, waist, spinal cord, and brain, supporting the leg muscles. Correctly adjust the 3-point balance of the foot and lead to the ideal style.

In addition, it enables the ideal center of gravity movement from the heel to the thumb direction when walking, and enables stable walking and light kicking. Furthermore, you can expect the effect of reducing foot fatigue when walking.


*The hexagon tip has been applied for a utility model and a manufacturing method patent.

​Balance measurement before and after installing Assist Hexagon


​Balance test before and after installing Assist Hexagon

Before installing Assist Hexagon

After installing Assist Hexagon

Assist hexagon wearing inspection


Men's and women's, high heels and children's,
​Insole that can be used with any shoe

Unlike other insoles, "Assisthexagon" is a heel-only insole.


Other insoles are made based on the shape of the general foot and shoe, so it is necessary to cut the insole to the shape of the foot or shoe with scissors. In some cases, a mold of the foot is taken and the insole is made over several days. Assist Hexagon does not require such a hassle.


Assist Hexagon is unlike any other insole. Regarding installation on shoes, we do not take a footprint or cut the shape of the shoe with scissors. Because the insole is only for the heel, it can be easily installed in any type of shoes, from casual shoes to high heels, low heels, men's leather shoes, and children's shoes.


Simply stick it on the heel of your shoe. I want to feel the effect and want to walk immediately.


Maintenance free for up to 3 months

Assisthexagon can be used maintenance-free for up to 3 months. (Maintenance of the shoe body and the sole inside the shoe is required separately.)

If you walk a lot or work standing up, the period of use of Assist Hexagon may be shorter.

To replace or repurchase insoles, please contact a certified treatment clinic that handles Assist Hexagon or Shogi

To purchase Assist Hexagon, please purchase at a certified treatment clinic with professionals in foot maintenance and treatment, or at manual DVD dot com.

We are happy to hear from customers who use Assisthexagon!

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