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Assist Hexagon
(Assist Hexagon) is
Purchase at clinic

Sore feet may be caused by walking too much or standing for long periods of time, but the pain may actually be caused by the wrong shoes or insoles. The feet are an important part of balancing the whole body, and by choosing shoes and insoles that suit your feet, the distortion of the body will be adjusted and the symptoms of the whole body will improve.


Well, when you think about buying insoles, there are two main options. There are two methods: buying ready-made products from drugstores and purchasing at clinics.

There are so many types of insoles that it can be hard to decide which one to buy, but buying from a drugstore has the advantage of being very cheap and easy to try. However, ready-made insoles sold at drugstores have functions such as arch retention and shock absorption with cushioning material, and they look similar to custom-made insoles sold at clinics, but they are actually does not provide enough support for the foot. Many of them are either too soft or too hard, limiting their health benefits. Furthermore, if the load is applied for a long time, the spring will not work and the effect of the new product will not last long. If you're looking for insoles aimed at correcting minor body distortions, this might be fine. This is because sometimes the problem can be solved simply by purchasing it easily and leaving it in the shoe.

Purchase insoles at the clinic!

However, if you want to improve your overall balance, bunions, bow legs, etc., and aim for beautiful legs and beautiful buttocks, it is better to purchase insoles at a clinic.

Currently, insoles are being introduced at many clinics, but when purchasing insoles at a clinic, the purchaser's (patient's) foot is first thoroughly examined, the size of the foot is measured, and then the size of the foot is measured. Measure the load balance. Surprisingly, few people wear shoes that match their foot size, and more than 60% of people wear shoes of different sizes. This situation only increases the burden on your feet, and no matter how expensive and good shoes you wear, it's not good for your body. Next, take a picture of the person actually walking and look at the person walking objectively. You can find habits that you didn't notice yourself, and you can walk consciously in the future. Also check if there are any problems such as diseases in the feet.

Some treatment clinics have introduced insole therapy, and they also handle insoles that correct your posture so that you can walk with the correct posture just by putting them in your shoes and walking. As a result of wearing insoles that have a corrective effect, the burden on not only the feet but also the lower back is reduced, and there is no pain even when walking for a long time. It is also effective for flat feet, hallux valgus, and pelvic correction, and is one of the treatments that has been attracting attention in recent years.


Assist Hexagon is the strongest cost performance insole

If you are looking for a full-fledged orthodontic treatment, it would be better to purchase what is available at the clinic or have it made at the clinic. However, full-fledged corrective insoles use advanced materials and are custom-made, so the cost is quite high, ranging from 10,000 yen to 100,000 yen. Of course, once it is produced, it is possible to receive support for several years. Custom-made insoles have proven effective due to their high stiffness and proper design.

What if there are insoles that can be expected to be as effective as those sold at clinics and are as cheap as those sold at drugstores? Actually, it is Assisthexagon.

Assist Hexagon has the same effect as custom-made insoles and can be purchased for 3,300 yen (list price, tax included). In addition, Assist Hexagon can be installed immediately where the insoles handled by treatment clinics take time and days for foot measurement and custom-made. After receiving body balance and foot symptom relief treatment at a clinic, Assist Hexagon allows you to continue the treatment effect.

(Three months before the expiration date of the longest insole)


To purchase Assist Hexagon, please purchase at a certified treatment clinic with professionals in foot maintenance and treatment, or at manual DVD dot com.

We are happy to hear from customers who use Assisthexagon!

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