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Insoles that make every day tireless

Assist Hexagon
​ (Assist Hexagon)


HapistaBest Smile Award Winner

Assist Hexagon was introduced on the information variety program "Tokyo Megami Collection Girls Happy Style".

​Can be installed on any shoe
I feel better when I wear it
Insoles like never before

Insoles that can be installed in any kind of shoes, from casual shoes to high heels, low heels, men's leather shoes, and children's shoes.

​If you put "Assisthexagon" in your favorite shoes and wear them, you'll want to try them out and start walking right away.

This amazing insole "AssisthexagonThe secret of this is the orange "hexagonchip". This "hexagonchip" enables stable walking and light kicking.

* "Hexagon Chip" has already acquired a utility model and has applied for a manufacturing method patent.

Assisthexagon Instagram

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